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What we Fund

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, and after a hiatus to focus on building the Endowment, the Mill Valley Library Foundation relaunched its program of annual grants to the Library in 2011. From 2011 – 2024, the Foundation has provided over $1,154,000 to help fund Library programs, services and technology, over and above what the City budget provides. Our partner Library support group – the Friends of the Mill Valley Library – also provides funding to the Library for these purposes.  

Annual Library Funding REports

The Library's fiscal year ends on June 30. Each year, usually in October, the Library prepares a Funding Impact Report which lets the Foundation know how the grant funding it provided was used during the year. The reports for the Library's most recent fiscal years are attached below.  

Starting in fiscal 2021, the Library has combined the Funding Impact Reports for the Mill Valley Library Foundation and the Friends of the Mill Valley Library into one Report, which details how funds from both of the Library support groups were used during the year.  

Library Programs

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