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"Loving the Library" Letters Project

We would love to hear from others, of all ages, about what makes the library special to you -- both when we can occupy the actual building and when we are provided the wonderful Library-in-Place programming. With your permission we would like to publish these letters on the Mill Valley Library Foundation website, and include a few of them in upcoming Foundation newsletters. Please send your thoughts to

A letter to the library from Rondell Gibson

"I love the Mill Valley Public Library for all the resources it offers, especially to create equity within the community. The Mill Valley Public Library is an area that’s open and inviting to complete a task without worrying about inadequate resources for some in the community, like wifi. It’s a quiet, peaceful space that’s missed during COVID."

Rondell Gibson Mill Valley Resident

A letter to the library from Danna Lewis

"As a newly published (local) author, of course, I aspire to see my book in libraries and including the Mill Valley Library. But, that’s not what had me fall in love with the Mill Valley Library. It was the grandness of the building and grounds that is walkable from downtown after getting a cup of tea or coffee and strolling over to check out books. It was the quiet but very palpable energy of welcoming, inclusion, and engagement when you walk in the doors and can find yourself sitting in front of computers for work or research, or in the big chairs by the fireplace relaxing and reading with the view of the redwoods beyond. It was my trip downstairs to the History Room where I fell even more in love with this special little town soaking up facts and stories from the past. And it was very much to my surprise and delight at a Naked Truth event late last year where I sat with hundreds of people for an evening fully hosted by the library with wine, laughter, and connection to new people. My love for the Mill Valley Library is my love and appreciation for everything that is so wonderful about the iconic gathering places of community where there is an invitation and activation for everyone who chooses it."

With Gratitude,

Danna Lewis

Mill Valley Resident

A letter to the library from Kaia Calabria Kent


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