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Appreciating our Library during Coronavirus

Dear Members of our Mill Valley Community of Supporters,

This pandemic has caused us all to change our lives in ways we never imagined. It has also brought us closer together as a community in spite of being told to physically stay apart. We will get through this together by continuing to adhere to recommended steps from medical experts, and by reaching out to help each other where we can.

In these uncertain times, our wonderful Mill Valley Public Library is a vital institution providing services to all. Its award-winning cultural, educational and technology programs have long enriched us, and continue to do so even now: the innovative and inspiring “Library-in-Place” program, launched by the library staff, demonstrates yet again how fortunate we are to have this Library in our community, and how important it is for us to continue to support it.

The Mill Valley Library Foundation is proud to carry out our mission of providing dependable annual funding to the Library beyond what our local government budget funding covers. Early last year, the Foundation’s Endowment account reached a starting balance milestone that enabled the Foundation to initiate annual “block grants” from the Endowment to the Library, in perpetuity. In light of the current circumstances, the timing of last year’s $65,000 block grant couldn’t have been better.

Growth of our Endowment this past year from both our community’s generous support and investment performance, has enabled our upcoming annual grant to the Library in July to increase to approximately $75,000, providing vital funding for the Library’s free award-winning programming, technology and capital improvements.

The Foundation also continues to maintain a robust and complementary partnership with the Friends of the Mill Valley Library. The Friends also provide vital financial support for the library, raising funds through their monthly sales of donated books and media, online book sales and annual memberships.

We are grateful for the support many of you have shown to the Library Foundation, in support of the Mill Valley Public Library, by donating to our Annual Year-End Appeal, attending events like Beyond the Book Bash or the Storybook Ball, or pledging bequests or gifts to our Legacy Program. And we know that you will be here to continue to support the Library you love when its beautiful building reopens and resumes the full set of outstanding programs for children, teens and adults that we all appreciate so much.

Meanwhile, please stay safe, monitor your health, and take care of those around you.


Andrew Shapiro Board Chair and President

Mill Valley Library Foundation Board

Andrew Shapiro – Board Chair/President Jack Corsello – Co-Vice President Debbie Sorondo – Co-Vice President Johanna Calabria – Secretary Jeffrey R. Hamrick – Treasurer

Thomas Dicker Michael V. Dyett Kris Malone Grossman Eric Issadore Steve Lang Deborah Miller Joan Steidinger Maura Vaughn Margaret Yaeger


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