The Foundation and the Library have an agreed process and timeline for providing funding each year. This is summarized below.

Funding Timeline


Mill Valley Public Library delivers funding priorities for next July-June fiscal year


Mill Valley Public Library delivers:

  • Funding requests (see below) for next July-June fiscal year
  • End of year report (see below) for prior fiscal year

Mill Valley Library Foundation determines funding ability for next July-June fiscal year

Mill Valley Library Foundation and Friends together review materials from Mill Valley Public Library. Agree on request action.


Mill Valley Library Foundation delivers funding approval for each request to Mill Valley Public Library. Payment schedule agreed.


Mill Valley Library Foundation funding included in Mill Valley Public Library city budget submission (June approval).

July – June:

Mill Valley Library Foundation deposits funding per agreed schedule.

Funding Request Outline


What is the money to be used for?

Fit with strategy:

What strategic goal of the Mill Valley Public Library does this effort address? E.g., in the case of the speaker series, it might be ‘making the library a cultural gathering point’. How central/important is this effort to achieving the stated goal (e.g., is this the main way the goal will be achieved, or a secondary effort to that end)?

Funding request:

a. How much money will be required this fiscal year and is there a quarterly skew?

b. How much will be required to maintain this effort next year (if this is an ongoing effort)?

c. Rationale for cost assumption (e.g., breakdown of main items). Specify if there is a cost buffer assumed.


How will the success of this effort at achieving its strategic goal be measured? Example: number of speaker attendees or number of ‘check outs’ of technology. The metric must be something the library can track and report at end of year.

Friends and Foundation:

Will this effort spread awareness/perpetuate continued donations to the Friends and Foundation, thereby making it easier to raise funds in the future? How will this be achieved, e.g., mention before speaker (like Kiddo!) and/or in brochures/web sites; pre-event reception for some donors?

End of year report outline

Goal and specific actions:

Project Description and how the project fits with the Foundation strategy, per above.


Was this a success, per Metrics above. Report metrics. Add color commentary based on attendee feedback/comments.


How much was spent (broken down) and was there an end of year surplus? Based on this year’s experience, what is the next year estimate (change from prior estimate) and explanation.


What was learned this year and how can the effort be made better?